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How to make your own solar cooker the easy way!
Materials needed:
•    Aluminum sheet
•    Insulator
•    Wooden Box
•    Glass
•    Mirror
After gathering all this materials needed you can now start your own solar cooker.

Step 1
Get your aluminum sheet and weld it like a square shaped or box shape, (it is up to you in terms of dimensions), if you don’t know how to weld let others help you

Step 2
For your outer box, the wooden box should be slightly bigger than your aluminum box.
Unless you live near the equator you will need a reflector, so how to make a reflector on the outer box you can put a aluminum sheet on the side edge of the outer box the sheet should be 45 degrees.

Step 3
Put the aluminum inside the wooden box, as you notice there is a small space between the inner box and the outer box. Now you will put there in the space the insulator (Styrofoam, or newspaper will do).

Step 4
The Glass, cut off a piece glass and put it on the top of the boxes.(Its purpose is to cover the box and seal the heat inside, the glass also helps to amplify the heat inside) The glass should be as big as the outer box. (Remember to be careful on handling and cutting glass, call for help if needed) put a duct tape in the sharp edges on the glass to be safe.

Step 5
The last step, this makes my solar cooker unique the mirrors. Cut off a mirror and put it in the bottom of the inner box, the mirror should cover the bottom of the inner box, this makes the solar cooker hotter. You can put also mirrors at wall of the inner box. But don’t cover you box with mirrors. The mirrors are just optional you can put it or don’t. The aluminum alone can put enough heat inside the box.

Remember: There should be no opening inside the box. A slight opening makes the heat inside come out.  

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