Off Grid Living

Where is the best place living off the grid?

I will answer you straight, there is no best place to live off the grid, there are neat places but everywhere you live there is always slight problem you will encounter.

So when living off the grid first thing will come up into your mind, where should I live? Unless you have acres of spare land that you could build your house, if you don’t then try finding these three main components on where you will live off the grid.
1.    Weather
2.    Water
3.    Accessibility

These are the three main components you should consider on living off the grid.

Weather – if you are planning to live off the grid you should try considering the weather in that particular place, is it sunny, windy, rainy, etc. this stuff needs to be considered when living off the grid, it’s for your source of alternative energy. You can put both solar panels and wind turbines though but is it enough?

Water – this is really important access on waters, make sure that the water you’re using is clean. Find reservoir or water streams (if you decided to live near water streams you can use water energy as an alternative too).

Accessibility – the place you decided to live in should be accessible by you or anyone, don’t live on other people’s property or protected area.
You can live really far from the civilization, but keep in mind the emergencies, medical issues specially.
It is really up to you if you consider this stuff I wrote when you decide living off the grid, but I hope I cleared something and helped you.

If you have additions about this reminder or correction, suggestions just post it on the comments below.

Have I nice Off Grid Living!

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