Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trying different topics in my blog

Hello if you’re new here in my blog site or a previous reader, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Juan and I love green living.

My previous posts are about solar panel, wind turbines, off grid living, but it seems too many websites, blogs are giving you information about this stuff, so I’ll try a different approach I will concentrate on agriculture. Just making myself a little bit different

So I will post various stuff about agriculture that you might know or thing you might not heard before.

So this post is just to announce the changes here in my blog site.
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Take care!
Have a Green Happy Life!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let's cook while the weather is cold!

In our country every time its rainy season or cold days we automatically make a food to eat, I really don’t know why but my mum does this all the time. (Filipinos love to it)  So we have this cuisine called “champorado” this is a Filipino cuisine but we got it from the Mexicans but we change it a little bit by adding rice to it.

I learned how to cook this when I was eight so it’s really easy, if you’re interested on how to cook it keep on reading.

  • unsweetened cacao or we call it cocoa
  • rice
  • water
  • condensed milk (optional)
  • sugar (optional)

First cook the rice like a porridge in some sort, then after the water turns a little bit sticky add the unsweetened  cocoa then stir it till the cocoa mix to the porridge. (Remember the porridge should only have rice and water in it do not put salt or anything rather than those two mentioned.)

Then you’re done!!

Put it on a bowl put some sugar and condensed milk if you like then it’s ready to serve!

Eat it while it’s hot!

Special thanks to BurntLumpiaBlog for lending me the image above.
To discover more Filipino cuisine check their blog it's awesome!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to make a simple oil lamp?

When I was a kid my dad used to make me oil lamps and he taught me to make a simple one.
And I will share it to you, don’t worry even if it is so simple it works!

What you need?
  • A small jar
  • salt
  • Used oil
  • Cotton, or just a candle wick.
That’s it and you’re nearly done!

Get the cotton and braid it like candle wicks then pour the salt, the salt should be like the candle wax. After putting the salt then pour the used oil and you’re done!

That’s all!

Oh wait by the let the oil sips in the cotton wick first before you light them. :D
If you have questions or suggestions about the oil lamp feel free to comment!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Beauty in Container Van Homes

While searching for new topics for this blog I came across with this neat idea, actually it’s not a new one but I don’t think a lot of people know about this. Shipping Container Houses!

So I saw this post on the internet particularly about this container houses it caught my attention on how clever the designs are and I think it’s cheaper than building a concrete foundations.
Shipping container homes, its main frame or foundation is the shipping container designed inside and out to be like a house, actually here in our country shipping containers are sometimes used as office and some are used as bunk house in construction sites but I never would have thought that it could be a nice house.

Why I think it’s neat? As I said earlier it’s quite cheap, you can use recycled shipping containers and its movable you could basically relocate your house anywhere you want too.  But the thing is it is difficult to set up you need cranes and trucks to move your house, but still movable right? It’s cheaper because you don’t have to buy cement, nails, wood, and roof! (Except for its interior design, of course)

It’s hot, it’s hot! So my mom saw these houses and said to me “you could get cooked inside”. Hmm, yeah maybe, I mean hello there are those things called air conditioners, and you could actually design the house to regulate its temperature, I think architects or engineers know how to do that.

So Container Homes, would I live on one of those? Hell yeah! First it’s cool, cheap, and movable! Actually I am planning to build my own. If I had the money of course, but for now I am making my own shipping container house plans and prepping if I’ll have a chance to make my own.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What is the Disadvantages of Solar energy?

If you’re planning on using alternative energy you are probably thinking on using photovoltaic cells or the solar panels.

First let’s learn what is a solar energy? How does this work?
Solar Energy is a source of electricity where you are using the sun to produce electricity.
 Photovoltaic module is a group of cells where it is connected electrically.
Its cells are made with special semiconductor materials where it absorbs in light and transfer it to the semiconductor like silicon. The energy will knock loose the electron, making it to flow freely.

So what are its Disadvantages?

•    Although the electricity is free solar energy can only be used on daytime where it is not cloudy.
•    Solar panels are quite expensive today.
•    Solar panels also need batteries for nighttime use of electricity and the batteries are quite heavy and needed to be replaced from time to time.
•    Solar panels need a lot of space to capture fair amount of sunlight.
•    If you’re on a country where you always have a bad weather, cloudy sky lessens the effectiveness of the solar panels.

This are the most common disadvantages of solar panels, would you still use it? Yes of course, except when you are located on a place where most of the time the sky is cloudy, you can try different alternatives. The four disadvantages mentioned can easily be fixed.

How to fix the disadvantages above?

•    Yes it can only convert on daytime when the sun is up, but you can use battery packs if it is nighttime or cloudy. (Use a lot of battery packs so that all of them will be charged on daytime)
•    Today solar panels are a little bit expensive, but the more people use and buy it, its price will eventually drop. Buying solar panels is just a small investment for a long term effect of reducing your power bills without lessening the use of your appliances.
•    The batteries are heavy and need to be replaced.  Try building a small hut for your batteries and live it there, don’t carry the batteries around. For the battery changing, a normal car battery life lasts up to four years so it is impossible that you can’t save a budget for that long.
•    Solar panels are spacious. Yes it’s spacious but I’m sure you could find a way on where you will put your solar panels, I see a lot people they put it on the roof, if you have a lawn or small space outside your house try putting it there.
•    So here’s the last one if your country is always cloudy, I don’t know how you would do it but I suggest you should try different alternative energy.

This article is not making you not to use alternative energy; this is just making you see some disadvantages and lets you think how to fix them. Using alternative energy is a good thing you don’t have to cut off your monthly electrical bills; you can use the alternative energy to lessen your electric bills. Because we know that sun isn’t up all the time, but we could try other alternative energy such as wind and water. It is really up to you if you would use this or not.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to go green?

Climate change is all over the TV and in the internet, yet a lot of people think that it’s not true.

So if you are one those people who don’t believe that our planet is changing its climate, so this article is not for you, but if you’re one of those who are concern of the well being of our planet this article is perfect for you.

Green living is gaining its fame today because of the people concern on our planets well being and some are just concern on their power bills.

People ask me, how to go green? Well it depends on what type of green living you want if you’re interested on green electricity then read more.

There quite lot stuff you should put in mind before going green.
•    What are alternative energy sources?
•    What alternative energy source should I use?
•    What is sustainability?

So this are the three most ask question when staring to go green.
So what are alternative energy sources, believe it or not there are a lot of alternative energy source used today such as:
•    Wind Energy
•    Solar Energy
•    Geothermal Energy
•    Bio fuel
•    Water energy
But if you’re planning to build your own alternative energy source the first two is definitely good for you, but in some cases the water energy is used when you’re near a river stream.

There are a lot of alternative energy source we have so pretending not to know or still sticking on a very pricey power bills we have today is a choice, it is actually up to you if you want to or not to.