Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Beauty in Container Van Homes

While searching for new topics for this blog I came across with this neat idea, actually it’s not a new one but I don’t think a lot of people know about this. Shipping Container Houses!

So I saw this post on the internet particularly about this container houses it caught my attention on how clever the designs are and I think it’s cheaper than building a concrete foundations.
Shipping container homes, its main frame or foundation is the shipping container designed inside and out to be like a house, actually here in our country shipping containers are sometimes used as office and some are used as bunk house in construction sites but I never would have thought that it could be a nice house.

Why I think it’s neat? As I said earlier it’s quite cheap, you can use recycled shipping containers and its movable you could basically relocate your house anywhere you want too.  But the thing is it is difficult to set up you need cranes and trucks to move your house, but still movable right? It’s cheaper because you don’t have to buy cement, nails, wood, and roof! (Except for its interior design, of course)

It’s hot, it’s hot! So my mom saw these houses and said to me “you could get cooked inside”. Hmm, yeah maybe, I mean hello there are those things called air conditioners, and you could actually design the house to regulate its temperature, I think architects or engineers know how to do that.

So Container Homes, would I live on one of those? Hell yeah! First it’s cool, cheap, and movable! Actually I am planning to build my own. If I had the money of course, but for now I am making my own shipping container house plans and prepping if I’ll have a chance to make my own.

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