Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to go green?

Climate change is all over the TV and in the internet, yet a lot of people think that it’s not true.

So if you are one those people who don’t believe that our planet is changing its climate, so this article is not for you, but if you’re one of those who are concern of the well being of our planet this article is perfect for you.

Green living is gaining its fame today because of the people concern on our planets well being and some are just concern on their power bills.

People ask me, how to go green? Well it depends on what type of green living you want if you’re interested on green electricity then read more.

There quite lot stuff you should put in mind before going green.
•    What are alternative energy sources?
•    What alternative energy source should I use?
•    What is sustainability?

So this are the three most ask question when staring to go green.
So what are alternative energy sources, believe it or not there are a lot of alternative energy source used today such as:
•    Wind Energy
•    Solar Energy
•    Geothermal Energy
•    Bio fuel
•    Water energy
But if you’re planning to build your own alternative energy source the first two is definitely good for you, but in some cases the water energy is used when you’re near a river stream.

There are a lot of alternative energy source we have so pretending not to know or still sticking on a very pricey power bills we have today is a choice, it is actually up to you if you want to or not to.

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